Saturday, July 26, 2008

Multiple Terminals in one Terminal Window with Terminator.

After a very short while of working on my desktop I often find myself with a mass of open terminal windows, and it sometimes becomes difficult to work as I struggle to find the Terminal Window that I want. I don't particularly like to use tabbed terminals to open multiple terminals, as I often need to see all of my open terminals side by side at the same time. Terminator to the Rescue!
Terminator is a virtual terminal program that allows you to split multiple terminal Windows in the same window. Terminator should be available in your Linux distributions Repository. apt-get install terminator if you use a Debian Flavoured Distribution or yum install terminator if you use a Red Hat one.
Once Installed you will find the terminator icon to start the program under Applications, accessories. or you can start terminator at the command line by typing terminator &
When it starts, a Terminal Window will open which will allow you to open new Terminals within your terminal in a split screened environment. What I like about this is when you minimize your terminal and you want to get back to it just by maximizing one Terminal you have all the terminals you were working on immediately accessible.
Once open try the following
Split terminals Horizontally.
Split terminals Vertically.
Move to next terminal.
Move to previous terminal.
Close the current terminal.
F11 toggle Full Screen
you can also use your mouse to switch between terminals and to resize them by dragging their borders to the required size.

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