Thursday, December 29, 2016

Quantum theory and consciousness

"Consciousness determines existence"
"Nothing exists in the physical world unless a conscious mind observes it"
and "What has been seen cannot be unseen"

The human brain is a perfect quantum computer, and your consciousness is  information stored at the quantum level. Where particle matter is physically entangled with other particles in the universe.(possibly even the multiverse) It is therefore quite plausible that your consciousness can exist after death.
After the death of the body, quantum information carried by consciousness merges with our universe and can exist infinitely in it.  It is plausible that your consciousness can migrate to another universe or to another place in this one Instantly, much faster than the speed of light.
Quantum Mechanics is needed to explain the phenomenon of consciousness.

Scientists claim to have found a possible carrier of consciousness.  These elements are located inside neuronal microtubules.  These microtubules  have been attributed with the simple role of providing support  as well as a transport mechanism to quantum elements  inside living cells. Based on their structure, these  microtubules are perfect to act as the transport medium for quantum particles inside the brain. That is likely due to the fact that they are capable  of maintaining quantum states for a long time, meaning they can perform a role inside a quantum computer. similar to that of fibre optic networks that carry data between computers. consciousness resides at the quantum level ,The entire body is a  conduit and a collaborator with consciousness as a feedback loop.

Watch the below two short videos explaining the double slit experiment  before continuing. (you will find them fascinating)

Double slit experiment explained:

second  video explaining  and illustrating the double slit experiment:

Quantum physics suggests that our observation of the universe is related to the awareness that an electron appears to show in the wave/particle duality (double slit experiment).

We see the world and the universe from our point of reference. We are the monitoring equipment in the double slit experiment. When seen through our eyes, the universe follows Einsteins wave like behaviour, however our eyes as an instrument are only capable of receiving reflections of light in its wave like state and everything we observe follows strictly the laws of nature and relativity. Our presence and observation capability is paramount  in how the universe is perceived. However when we are not present, IE  we Die.  our reality ceases to exist and without an observer the universe which is made up of particles is in a quantum superposition state, as there is no point of reference. The light waves do not have an instrument to measure or see them. The monitoring equipment is switched off. Light is made up of  entangled photons and exists as energy in a particle based multiverse in a quantum superposition state. Your consciousness therefore must exist for the universe to continue to exist and therefore your consciousness can be transported anywhere in the universe or multiverse instantaneously. When you have lost your point of reference, IE your Body , eyes, ears etc.
When you die your consciousness is Quantized.

Now watch the following short video before continuing.

Our universe is not only  limited to the three dimensions. In fact, new theories hypothesise that there are multiple dimensions. (there could be an unlimited amount) Many of the natural phenomena happening within our universe transcend our known three dimensions.  Therefore, we should not assume that the mechanisms of operation of the brain and consciousness are imprisoned within the confines of our three dimensional universe.

Watch the following video..

Watch the following documentary:

Quantum Entanglement.

The  idea of quantum entanglement is that two particles can be intimately associated to one another even if they are separated by billions of light-years of space. A change brought about  in one particle  will have an  effect on the other one. And  amazingly these changes can occur instantaneously!   This theory is completely incompatible with the known theory of Albert Einstein , specifically the theory that information cannot travel faster than the speed of light. But it opens up huge theoretical possibilities for interstellar space travel and exploration, teleportation  and even a better understanding of the multi verse.

"If you are not Astonished by Quantum mechanics, then you have not understood it "
Niels Bohr

Pay attention to the teleportation part of the following video at the 18:27 mark

In Einstein's theory of relativity time is relative to your position in space. And the faster you travel towards the speed of light, time slows down for you compared to when you where not in motion, as demonstrated in the

Hafele–Keating experiment

However you the observer will  not notice the slow down in time, as space time is always constant and relative to you. Time has continued to be exactly the same from your point of reference. IE in your reality.
But since two different states of time now exists. IE the two different clocks in the Hafele Keating experiment display different times. What has changed?  The point of observation has changed. Understand that these are two different realities. Reality is 100% subjective and only exists to its observer. Reality cannot exist independently on it's own.
Space time according to Einsteins theory is a Smooth Continuum. eg light is described as a wave and its speed is constant in all directions, from any observers view. This in itself is incompatible with the theory of relativity because the speed of any moving object  is always relative to the observer.
in Quantum mechanics Space and time is Quantized,  meaning no relativity exists, but everything is made up of particles that are interconnected, and the mere observation of the particles disrupts their quantum state.

Scientists have teleported particles using particle entanglement. The quantum state of particle A is transmitted from position one to position two between two entangled particles. Once the quantum state of particle A is rebuilt in position two, particle A is then destroyed from position one.
So in theory if every single particle in your body can be entangled, copied and rebuilt instantaneously to a position a billion light years away. This will include your memories and your consciousness which remember  are simply information stored at the quantum level.

What then happens if  Particle A in position one is not destroyed.  Then you would be existing in two places at the same time! and would have two different points of reference. two different observation points and two separate realities.
Which is nearly impossible to comprehend since which reality would you be conscience of?  Einstein's theory of relativity simply does not allow for this extraordinary, astonishing possibility. Einsteins theory of relativity needs to have something to be relative to, there must be at least one reality for relativity to work. But  Reality can not exist independently. It always needs a single point of reference, hence  without reality there can be no relativity. The two aren't mutually exclusive.
 "Nothing exists in the universe unless a live, conscious mind observes it" Quantum mechanics does.not have this delema. sub atomic particles (Photons)  exist without being observed. , and the multi world possibility now not only becomes probable, but even obvious.

Every living things reality is different. Eg an Ant's reality is completely different to yours,  A tree to an Ant is not the same tree that it is to you. A more advanced race might see more to a tree than what we see. A tree may give off vibrations that we do not have the instruments  to receive and interpret them with, as we in comparison are limited to the functions of our primitive eyes. But an advanced race could easily have an eye that is better and more advanced than ours, with many more functions,  that can receive and make sense of these vibrations. When we let go of our reality IE when we die, it is at that moment that our consciousness is Quantized, and in its quantum state and only whilst it is not being observed, it is capable of being in multiple places at the same time. It is capable of travelling billions of light years in an instant, It is capable of travelling through obstacles, it is capable of all this and more. Your consciousness on steroids. your consciousness now one with the singular cosmic consciousness. You see, if there was no Cosmic consciousness , our universe would not exist.
The same way that the individual cells in your body collectively make up your consciousness. you will one day be part of the collective cosmic consciousness. rather than produced by the brain, consciousness may be a fundamental force of the universe, like gravity or mass. In this way, consciousness came into being when the universe began, and exists everywhere and in everything.

consciousness exists in the cosmic ether at the quantum level, outside the brain, and that the function of the brain may be to ‘pick up’ consciousness, like a radio receiver, and then to ‘channel’ it into our individual organism.

since we’re all individual beings enclosed in our bodies, and the primary aim of our lives is to sustain our own well-being. It makes no sense for us to put the well-being of others before our own, or to go out of our way to help strangers, or members of other species. But if there is a cosmic consciousness , then in a sense it’s something we all share, or participate in. It’s therefore possible for us to empathise with other people, to experience their own sufferings as if they are our own, and to feel a desire to alleviate them. In a sense, other people’s sufferings are our own.

"Nothing exists in the physical world unless a conscious mind observes it."

Documentary on Einstein and Bohr's incompatibilities.