Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Right brain - Left Brain

After you read this Click on the picture of the Girl and then watch the animated dancing girl.
If you see her spinning clockwise then you are predominantly right brained, i.e
holistic, subjective, creative and intuitive (Pablo Picasso , William
Shakespeare and Mozart are predominantly right brained People)
if you see her spinning anti clock wise, then you are predominantly left brained , i.e
Analytical ,logical, rational and objective. (Steven hawking, Albert
Einstein and Ralph Feynman are predominantly left brained people)
if you stare at her long enough you can actually control the way she
turns with your mind as we use both sides of our brain. With practice you can get her to change the way she spins at will.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Using debfoster in practice - Ubuntu Forums

Need to Install Ubuntu on an old machine Pentium 1 or 11 or even a 486,
Gnome is a bit to resource Hungry for older slower machines, by using Debfoster you can remove Gnome and replace it with Fluxbox , XFCE, IceWM or any other Lightweight Windows Manager, here the HowTo which i found very useful, debfoster is a fantastic tool for giving you complete control over the packages and dependencies installed on your system

HOWTO: using debfoster in practice - Ubuntu Forums