Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Install Gnome 3.4 weather extention on Fedora 17

su - yum install gnome-common gtk3-devel glib2-devel intltool automake autoconf vala wget gnome-tweak-tool

unzip gnome3.4
mv simon04-gnome-shell-extension-weather-* weather
cd weather
./ --prefix=/usr
make install
Restart Gnome [Alt] + [F2] r
Click on top right hand corner of desktop, Then click on advanced settings (gnome-tweak-tool)
Click on
Shell Extensions and turn on the weather indicator extension.
Next you need to set your area, open up your web browser and goto this site
Enter your closest City to get your woeid eg my city is Valletta and the code is mtxx0001
In a non root terminal type the following to set your city
gsettings set woeid mtxx0001
Substituting mtxx0001 for your own cities woeid.
You can also change the name of your City by typing the following would change the city name to "Mosta" which is my actual village gsettings set city Mosta
To set the units to Fahrenheit or celcius, type one of the following.
gsettings set unit celsius
gsettings set unit fahrenheit
The position of the GNOME Shell extension in the panel can be configured to either 'left', 'center' or 'right' (requires restart of GNOME Shell). type one of the following
gsettings set position-in-panel center
gsettings set position-in-panel left
gsettings set position-in-panel right