Thursday, November 22, 2012

Dealing with Vcard meeting requests in Mutt

Receiving Vcard Meeting requests that have been generated in Microsoft exchange or MS outlook
arrives in to your Mutt inbox, as an illegible mess of text that is difficult to make heads or tails out of

To configure your mutt to play nicely with Vcard meeting requests do the following.
First install the following (If they are not already installed)

yum install perl
yum install perl-devel
yum install perl-Data-ICal
yum install perl-Text-Autoformat

or use apt-get install if your distribution is Debian based

Then edit your .muttrc and add in the following lines

alternative_order text/calendar
This tells Mutt to display the text/calendar part in preference to the text/plain part.

color index black yellow "~b text/calendar"
this shows all meeting requests as black on yellow
change the colours to which ever you would prefer

The final step is to decode the vCalendar text into something that’s a bit more readable.

To do this we use the following perl script

click on the link then

you can copy and paste the text into your own local file

name the file vcal2text

and save it in /usr/local/bin

Give the script execute permissions

chmod +x /usr/local/bin/vcal2text

Start up Mutt and all Vcard meeting requests will be Legible

Monday, November 19, 2012

Printing with Mutt

By default, when you press the p key to print a message in mutt, you will not be prompted to choose a printer. Mutt will just print to the printer defined in your PRINTER environment variable.

To change the printer mutt uses , from within mutt, type in the following:

:set print_command="/usr/bin/lp.cups"
Make sure you type in the colon first. If you do not type in the colon first, the rest of what you type will be interpreted by mutt as  commands (for example, the 's' from the word 'set' will try to save the message).

To see what your current printer command is, type in:

:set print_command
If you are using Gnome 3 and you would like to use your Default cups printer from within mutt, you can set your printer command as follows:

:set print_command="/usr/bin/lp.cups"
To make this setting permanent

edit your .muttrc file and put

set print_command="/usr/bin/lp.cups"

at the end of the file  like so

vim .muttrc
and this time without the :

set print_command="/usr/bin/lp.cups"