Friday, January 6, 2012

Resolve transparency issues with Guake

If you set Guake to start automatically when your computer starts, depending on how quickly your Gnome session loads, there  may be an issue with it starting before Gnome has completed it's full initialization. 

when this happens, the transparency in quake does not work as it should, You cannot see the windows behind the Guake terminal, It lets you see your Background wallpaper only.

A solution for this is to delay the start up of Guake, so that Gnome is allowed to initialize fully before Guake starts.

To do this , run 

under startup-programs edit your entry for Guake.

and add  sleep 8 && infront of guake, 
like so

 sleep 8 && guake 

This gives guake an 8 second delay before starting, and should be enough to let Gnome fully initialize, and your transparency will work as it should.


Curtis said...

Thank you so much!!! I was wondering why Guake was acting so crazy... and after some searching, this is the only reference I found to the problem. Maybe my search criteria could have been better, but thankfully you had the fix!

RafaƂ said...

On Debian, I found, that enabling compositing manager in gconf-editor:apps/metacity/general gives me correct transparency. :)

Max Nunes said...

Thank you :D

Anonymous said...