Saturday, November 27, 2010

Mutt Tips

searching in mutt

* ~f brucewayne :From: matches "brucewayne"
* ~s party : messages with subject containing "party"
* ~d <2w : messages less than two weeks old. Also: year, month, week, day.
* ~t clarkk : To: matches clarkk (useful for sent-mail folders)
* ~O : old (i.e. unread but not new) messages.
~N is new unread.
~U is unread, i.e. both together.
* ~p : messages addressed to you (useful if your inbox is bombarded with mailing list or system report activity).
* ~p ~U : for messages to you you haven't read yet.
* . : matches everything. In effect, remove the limit.

l limit messages matching
l all show all messages
:set sort=from sort messages by "From"
:set sort=threads sort messages by "Thread"
:set sort=date sort messages by "Date"

mailbox "=cgerada" will show alerts in cgerada mailbox

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