Friday, March 20, 2009

Alternating between directories in your Terminal

often, I am working in a directory which has a long path eg /home/cgerada/long/complicated/directory/structure/folder/

and then want to temporally change to another directory to do something and change back to the directory I was in

instead of using cd to change to the other directory rather use
pushd eg pushd /directory

that way when you are done in /directory and you want to return to /home/cgerada/long/complicated/directory/structure/folder/

simply type popd

and you will be returned to /home/cgerada/long/complicated/directory/structure/folder/

cd - is also very useful and will take you to your last working directory

and is great for switching between 2 directories .. just type cd - and then cd- again to alternate between 2 working directories

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I like it very much!