Sunday, August 10, 2008

NFS Client

you are able to connect to NFS shares that servers on your network have exported and made available to connect to. to see what NFS shares a server is making available simply type
showmount -e [server ip address or server name]


showmount - e

This will show you what shares are available.
to temporally connect to the share you can mount it, and connect to it eg
mkdir /mnt/sharename
mount -t nfs /share /mnt/sharename

to make the following persistant after reboots add the following to your /etc/fstab file /share /mnt/sharename/ nfs soft, intr,timeout=100 0 0

-soft = will error out if share is not available
-intr = will allow nfs to be killed if server is unreachable
-timeout =100 very important as without a timeout if the share hangs you will not be able to login to your system.

save your /etc/fstab file and you are done.

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